A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: Her happy place, snuggled up to her sister. 

Little: Becoming more fun every day.  I forgot how much I liked having a little baby around. 


A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: Discovering Disney movies, one by one, and is quite loving the process.

Little: Is letting me wear her in the ring sling more and more, she reminds me of this little poppel toy I had as a kid when she’s in it and it’s pretty much the cutest thing.


A portrait of my daughters once a week in 2017

Big: Has clearly been bored, annoyed, frustrated with me lately.  When I get home from work I spend so much time feeding her sister it’s hard to do anything fun anymore.  She told me she likes playing with Grandma because she’s not boring. 

Little: Is still giving everyone who isn’t me hell but mostly is sweet and happy for me.  Considering her temperament early on, I am incredibly grateful for it


A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

Big: came home from school one day this week and told me her best friend was coming over and they were watching Rapunzel and having a sleepover.   

Little: seems so much bigger lately.  Her cheeks are filling out and she finally is starting to develop little tiny rolls on her thighs. 



A portrait of my daughters every week in 2017

There were a few too many photos to choose from this week so I just went for it.  

Big: has shown me today that she understands far more then I give her credit for.  The questions she asked about the march today, and the reasons behind it were too insightful for her young age. 

Little: is finally allowing me to wear her again in limited quantities.  She spent almost 2 hours in the carrier this afternoon, and although she didn’t quite love it she did far better than I expected. 


A portrait of my daughters once a week in 2017

Big: begged me to let her watch the baby while I made dinner, saying “please mama, I can take care of her”  She did a great job too.

Little: has decided she’s cranky as hell for those watching her while I’m at work this week.  Not cool kid, not cool.


A portrait of my daughters once a week in 2017

I knew I wanted to do another year long photo project this year, but was debating between a 52 or 365.  Then I realized I have 4 year old and a 3 month old, I work part time and am alone with the kids the vast majority of their waking hours.  So 52 it is.  I haven’t picked up my real camera anywhere near often enough since this little was born and need a kick in the ass to do so.  Damn the iPhone camera for being so convent ant and sophisticated.  I’ve decided to also include a few choice moments from their weeks with their photos.  

Big: received her first pair of clip on earrings  today and declared she needed them to hear better since she lost her ear.

Little: has found her voice and is using it nonstop.  We’ve referred to her as a howling cat quite often as she seems to like screeching the most. 

Two months

Last week she hit the two month mark.  She’s been happier and getting to be easier to please most days.  Photographing her is becoming trickier as she’s becoming quite wiggly while awake.  The few smiles we get out of her are pretty priceless and I can’t wait to see more of them as the days pass.  

One month


In a few short hours this little babe will be one month old. Time has simultaneously flown by and slowed to a crawl. It seems like just days ago we brought her home, yet some days have seemed incredibly long. In a way it’s hard to remember what life was like before she came along. She’s not quite the easy baby my husband was so certain she would be, but we are figuring out a rhythm slowly but surely. Seeing the love our two girls share is definitely the best part of it all. Watching her become more aware, and interested in her big sister is fascinating and I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow. The love that’s already developing is so sweet and genuine, it almost hurts my heart. The two of them are the best part of our world, and I can’t wait to see their friendship grow.

Little pumpkins


She was far more excited about picking out little hats for her and her sister than the actual pumpkins, probably because we had already picked out a number of pumpkins at a different farm the day before.  But anytime you involve hats, this kid is in.