A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

This week gets a selfie, because those little baby eyes just kill me. I grabbed my phone right after she woke up one morning, to try and capture her sleepy snuggles. I managed to get it right before she shot up and started jumping around.



A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

Two little girls in my bed. I’m trying to convince the five year old not to scream at the top of her lungs when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and the substitution seems to be her making her way into our room.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

They both went to bed before 8:00pm last night for the first time in a very long time. The baby still woke up an hour after for milk, but it still felt like an accomplishment. And the jury is still out on whether or not the 8:00 bedtime is worth the 6:00am wake up.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

While everyone was sick, I ended up with both girls in bed with me, while their father was hacking up a lung to the point of vomiting, in the guest room. The five year old seems to have stuck with the pattern of climbing into bed in the middle of the night. It’s probably a habit I’ll regret at some point, but right now it feels easy and comfortable so I’m not complaining. Lately I feel acutely aware of how quickly they are growing, and time is passing, and I feel the window of time when she wants more independence looming, so I’ll take all the cuddles in while I can.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

We got hit hard by a virus this week, this girl especially. She was the sickest I have ever seen her, and for the first time since she was an infant, I paged cardiology on the weekend. After two doctors visits, we finally discovered that she had pneumonia. She rebounded quickly once on meds, and seems to be almost clear of symptoms with the exception of a runny nose and lingering cough. Her sister and I are right behind her, and almost over this as well. Her father on the other hand, seems to be in the thick of it right now. We’ve decided to avoid pretty much any and everything, for the remainder of the flu seasons, in hopes that we don’t end up with the actual flu as well. As my five year old said about 100 times this week, I hate being sick.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

Our household has finally been hit with one of the many things going around. There’s fevers and coughs, and it’s really only the five year old who is really sick so far. In our house that means even less sleep than normal, and pulse oximeters come out. The level of anxiety I have anytime sickness of this level comes around is so high, I find myself wishing for years to pass and they’ll both be bigger and it won’t be so scary. But I know those years will just bring new worries, and I do so love these girls small like this. Hopefully this sickness passes quickly and we escape relatively unscathed.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2017

She’s in a new habit of waking up before the sun and it is killllllling me. I’m not a morning person. No way, no how. I never have been. Her sister often slept until 9am at this age. This morning she woke up at 6:45am and that was late. I can’t remember the last night I spent any time with my husband or got to watch a tv show that doesn’t air on the Disney channel, or successfully cleaned after the kids went to bed. My house is a total disaster. I can barely make it to 8pm. I end up drinking coffee in the afternoon just to function. If only the five year old still napped then I could squeeze a nap in too. I’m really hoping this phase passes quickly so I can get some rest and we can get back to some semblance of normal around here.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

She’s ended up in my bed a few times this week, which results in her getting a lot less sleep due to the baby waking her up. She never seems to mind, as the thing she loves most in the world is being with her sister. It shows the next day however, manifesting in ways like a sobbing meltdown begging to stay home from school until I cave, because really it’s just 4K anyway and she deserves a break.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

I’ve been putting them to sleep in the same bed occasionally, and am trying to do so more often. Eventually I plan to have them share a room, once the baby is old enough and no longer nursing over night. Considering I didn’t night wean her sister until I was pregnant with her that could be a while. I’m hoping sometime around age two to start transitioning them into the same bed. They both sleep better next to someone I’m hoping that they can be each other’s someone.

The baby landed herself in the emergency room for a fever and cellulitis this week, which was horrible and scary and majorly triggered my child related health anxiety. She developed a rash today so I’m thinking it may have actually been Roseola, but then again it could also be a reaction to the antibiotics so who knows. She slept more those few days she had a fever than she has in her entire little life. The past two nights she’s woke up sobbing sooooo many times so who knows what’s going on. It’s exhausting and worrying, but I took a nap today so at least there’s that.


A portrait of sleep in my family every week in 2018

Sleep has not come easy for this girl over the past week. I can’t figure out what’s going on with her but it hasn’t been fun. She’s fought naps and sometimes bedtime, which isn’t really like her. She skipped her afternoon nap yesterday. Last night her sister and I went to a birthday party. She fell asleep while we were gone, but woke up right before we got home. I managed to get her back to sleep pretty easily but the second I tried to leave the room she bolted up. And then she was up until 12:45. And she was crazy. She was wild, she was unhappy, she was funny, she was miserable, and she was over tired. She almost fell asleep, or actually fell asleep numerous times only to wake back up at the slightest sound. I thought for sure all this meant she had to poop but she never did. Maybe she has more teeth coming through, but getting her to let me poke around in her mouth is basically impossible. I’m so worn out I feel barely human. There is literally not enough coffee. I had someone tell me she’s a “trained night feeder” this week and I laughed, because obviously, but that’s not even the part that I care about. She fought her morning nap today too, as she does anytime she’s over tired. Sometimes I think she’s transitioning to just one nap, but then she’s a total handful on the days she only gets one. Sleep consumes you when you’re a parent of small kids, that’s for sure. Even those parents who seem to have it down, absolutely at some point have or will put way more effort than they ever imagined into their kids sleep. I know this is temporary. I get that. They’re only little for so long, and I try to keep repeating that in my head. But that doesn’t make it any less exhausting.