img_2087img_2088Finally, we have snow here in Wisconsin.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved the snow, and this year, she seems to love it too.  I have many fond memories of spending loads of time building snow forts.  Her favorite game is to pretend she’s stuck and yell for help.  Im hoping we get a few more good snowfalls before the winter is over so she can really enjoy it. 

Merry and bright

 Merry Christmas from our to yours.  To quote her this morning, “it may not look like Christmas but it sure is”.  All we need now is a Christmas snow miracle. 


 Growing older is a strange prospect.  I still feel like an awkward teenager in so many ways (who let me have a house, a mortgage, a kid and a job?!), yet so vastly different than who I was just a few years ago.  Time passes in an infinitely more disconcerting manner once a child enters the mix.  And for some reason, every year that passes since I hit 30 seems a little heavier.  Maybe because 40 is looming just around the corner and seriously I just cannot be closing in on 40.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year, I think as a child because I knew my birthday was coming, the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As I’ve aged the smells, the colors and the crisp air have become my favorite part.  I spend far more time outside in the fall than the summer yet somehow this fall I’ve missed out.  So today, after her nap we headed to a conversation park within walking distance and spent the golden hour hiking around.  I even took a few photos of the park itself, as did she.  I’m beginning to think this kid is going to need her own DSLR sooner than I expected.  She’s definitely the piece that keeps me feeling young yet leaves me feeling old at the end of the day.  I’m hoping we get a few more days like today to squeeze in more of autumns magic.

A new bed

  She has been asking for a big bed for a while.  She’s shared ours since she was three months old, and we decided to let her continue until she was ready for a change.  As she’s been asking over and over, it seemed like time.  For some reason, I got it in my head that I would build her a bed frame.  So build it I did.  It was simultaneously easier and more difficult than I had imagined.  I used the pieces of her crib for the head board and bed rails.  I also decided that her room needed to be painted and completely reorganized.  The dog statues , were decorations I painted for her second birthday party last year.  We keep adding pins to her fabric drawers, as she collect new ones, the newest from the heart walk this year.  And the drawing of the little girl with the bunny.   It was drawn by nurses in the NICU when she was an infant, and has hung on our bedroom wall since.  I planned to move it to her room once she moved in as well.  So finally it hangs in its rightful place.  It’s followed her bedside from the NICU to the PICU, to our bedroom, and finally her own.  As does the dream catcher made by my cousin, which hung above her isolette in the NICU as well.  The ukulele was a Christmas gift from her Papa, a surprise for me as well, which brought me to tears on Christmas morning.  And the animals, are souvenirs of her visits to the hospital, as she’s visited the gift shop on every trip.  This kid has so much stuff.  But it feel extra special to have her own room, completed , where she has spent the last week sleeping.  Now I just have to stop worrying about her falling out of bed and sleep in my own bed again. 



 We went to the pumpkin patch today, the same one we visit every year, and she wore the same sweater she wore two years ago (somehow I can’t find photos of last year).  She was so excited to pick out the pumpkins herself and even more so to arrange them around the yard once we got home.  I love this kid, more and more every single day.

Acorns and turkey feathers

In an effort to walk more, we walked to a nearby conservation park (the walk is entirely uphill, and while pushing a stroller it’s intense to say the least).  We found some acorns, flowers and a turkey feather.  She has already asked to go back tomorrow.  imageimageimage


She turned three this weekend.  We celebrated her with love, chocolate, horse drawn wagon rides and bratwurst.  I’m in awe of the little lady and amazing human being she is becoming.  Watching her grow up is something I am genuinely grateful for.  Sweet girl, I love you more then words.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Beach Days

      We’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach, trying to soak up as much summer as we can before it slips away.  She’s in love with the sand and building castles and pools.  We spent this evening playing and eating and getting completely covered in sand.  

Portraits of my Daughter

            I spent some time photographing her this weekend.  I was so intrigued by her drawing with the chalk on the wet concrete.  She created one masterpiece after another and just like that washed them away and started all over.   There was something really magical and beautiful about the whole process and I got swept up capturing it.